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Baldwin men's moisturizing lotion: A Review

Baldwin men’s moisturizing lotion: A Review

Today’s product review is Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion.  Baldwin is a company that sells men’s care products that is based on the healing properties of Dead Sea minerals.  The lotion is marketed as helping your skin via Dead Sea minerals and natural oils.  This comes in a 3.4 fluid ounce tube and at the time of this article was selling for $26 on Amazon.com

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Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

A few weeks back I was approached by John of Black Tie Razor Company about doing a review of thier new line of shave soap and shaving oil.  To be honest I hadn’t heard of them, so I did a little digging around and asked John what the company was about.  It turns out they are a brand new shaving company put together by a few wet shaving friends who wanted to try and make something better for the community.  Turns out they are off to a pretty good start!

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hanging brush

How to store a shaving brush, what you need to know.

One of the questions that is often asked by people who has recently taken up the hobby is how to store a shaving brush when you’re not using it.  Unfortunately there is not an answer that everyone will agree with.  This article will go over the pros and cons of different methods so you can make a more educated decision.

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Sudsy Soapery featured image

Sudsy Soapery shaving product review

Today’s product review is the shaving soap and shave oil offered by Sudsy Soapery. Sudsy Soapery is run by Jonathan and Kaycie Cook, a husband and wife team based out of St. Louis, MO.  They have developed a line of soaps and bath products that are all natural and only use essential oils for thier scents.  I had the opportunity to try thier Twice Mint Shave Oil, Sandalwood and Myrrh shave soap, and thier Lavender and Peppermint shave soap.

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How to Build your First Straight Razor Kit

Getting started in the world of wet shaving can be intimidating for any beginner. There are various different pieces of equipment required of various quality along. Making sense of the world of razors requires some knowledge, but thankfully that information is readily available.

For a beginner there are some essentials that you should purchase straight up to help ease your way in – and there is equipment you will need in a few months that you do not need to purchase immediately.

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