profile photosSo why am I writing a blog about wet shaving when there are already multiple online communities to search and ask questions? The resources currently available seem to fall into two broad categories.

  • Forums that have built up a community of like-minded people. These communities have a wealth of knowledge and quite a few tutorials. However, information can be hard to find and is often scattered across multiple posts and tutorials.
  •  Sites that review and/or sell products.   These sites often (but not always) have many quality articles. Unfortunately most of these articles are about the latest and greatest product they are selling or debating the finer points between differing products or techniques.

The longer I have been involved in the wet shaving community, the more I have noticed that something is missing. There isn’t a comprehensive, easy to find, newbie friendly place to learn about the basics of wet shaving. Too many people show interest and then fade away.   I hope to provide a resource for people completely new to wet shaving.  This site will provide information that is easy to find, easy to understand, and has an intuitive format. I plan to pick one topic a week a month or so and write a comprehensive article about it. I hope that over time this will turn into a repository of information that will be of use to people new to the wet shaving hobby and a good refresher for those of us who have been around awhile.

This site started out just for information for newbies who have just started wet shaving.  As time has gone on, I have come to include interviews, DIYs, and some opinion pieces as well.

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On a more personal note I am a husband, father of twin boys, and a veteran.  Please note the order these are listed as it defines how I try to set my priorities. I have been blessed with a happy, healthy, loving family and strive to make them my #1 priority. I live in Washington State where rain is the normal weather forecast eight months of the year and breaking 80 degrees for over a week is considered a big deal.

I am a big advocate for wet shaving! I belong to multiple online forums dedicated to wet shaving (see the COMMUNITIES link for listings) and go buy the forum handle MattCB.  I put together the yearly Seattle Shave Convention and help people get together with local meet ups at Shave Meet Up, a new resource for people to find meet ups near them.  Please feel free to drop me a PM with a question or just to say hi. You can also send me an email at if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns.

Have a great day and a smooth shave!


Matt Broderick