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Artisanal Vendors

Artisanal Shave Vendors

*This page is a work in progress*

A large part of the shaving community are the small scale vendors.  These are individuals who craft high-quality or distinctive products made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.  These individuals make soap, brushes, razors, strops, or restore vintage gear.  If you are looking for truly outstanding products, then please check out some of the vendors.

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The Well Shaved Gentleman

SRD Strops

The Shaving Shop




Elite Razor

Ultimate Pen Designs

HarryWally Custom Brushes

Wolf Whiskers Shaving Brushes

Envy Shave


Hones (Currently produced natural stones)



Imperia la Roccia



Em’s Place

Ginger’s Garden

Mama Bear Soaps

Mike’s Natural Soaps

Mystic Water Soaps

LA Shaving Soap

Catie’s Bubbles

Barrister & Mann

Dapper Dragon

Soap Commander

SRD Soaps


Shannon’s Soaps

Cold River Soap Works

Sudsy Soapery

Black Tie Razor Company




  1. Al does FANTASTIC work with restoring vintage razors. I encourage you to visit his website and look over some of his restored blades. He’s also one of the sellers of the Imperial la Roccia hone.

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