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Baldwin men's moisturizing lotion: A Review

Baldwin men’s moisturizing lotion: A Review

Today’s product review is Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion.  Baldwin is a company that sells men’s care products that is based on the healing properties of Dead Sea minerals.  The lotion is marketed as helping your skin via Dead Sea minerals and natural oils.  This comes in a 3.4 fluid ounce tube and at the time of this article was selling for $26 on Amazon.com

The Baldwin face lotion is smooth and has a  creamy feel when applied. This is a fairly fast absorbing lotion with a pleasantly mild citrus scent.  I have been using this before I go to bed and while it feels a bit oily when applied I haven’t noticed anything being left on the pillow or sheets.  Many people suggest using a heavier lotion (or even a cream) before bed so that it stays on and absorbs better into the skin.

My wife liked the scent and the results were nice, so I may be getting some more of this when I run out.  For a little more information, check out the links from the company below.



As always, let me know if you liked the review, or if you have any experience with the product yourself.

Have a great day and a smooth shave!



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  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for this article, finding a decent moisturizer is a difficult task, even more so finding one with a scent that the other half will enjoy!

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