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Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

A few weeks back I was approached by John of Black Tie Razor Company about doing a review of thier new line of shave soap and shaving oil.  To be honest I hadn’t heard of them, so I did a little digging around and asked John what the company was about.  It turns out they are a brand new shaving company put together by a few wet shaving friends who wanted to try and make something better for the community.  Turns out they are off to a pretty good start!

Black Tie Razor Company

Black Tie Razor Company has come up with a new concept as far as scent in your shaving soap.  They are selling an unscented shaving soap that can be dosed with a scented shaving oil while you work up the lather.  Like a strong scent?  Add in a few more drops. Prefer a milder scent…. add a few less.  I was intrigued by the concept said I would be happy to do a review of the soap and shaving oil.  Full disclaimer, I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Shaving Soap Review

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soapThe shaving soap itself is an unscented soap that is sold in 3 oz pucks that are packaged in the typical plastic tub as shown in the picture.  This is a harder soap and requires a bit more effort to load your brush (as you will see below).  Let’s get the things I didn’t like out of the way first.  The soap in the tub was not poured into the tub, but rather was placed in the tub after being cut from a larger batch.  This allows room in the tub for the soap puck to spin while loading the brush and makes it very difficult to bloom the soap.  I ended up using my thumbs to smash the puck down so it wouldn’t have any gaps in the container and stopped spinning.  Easy fix and problem solved.

Now for the good stuff!  This soap is a pristine white color and really is “unscented”.  While I will admit to not having the finest nose, I really didn’t get anything off of this soap at all.  The soap worked quite well face lathering with my Omega boar brush and also bowl lathered like a CHAMP with both my high end and low end badger brushes .  I will admit it took a me a bit to dial in the bowl lathering on this soap.  I have been using a lot of softer soaps recently and wasn’t getting good results until I made an effort to load the brush a bit more than I usually do.  Success!

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

For any of you who are interested, here are the ingredients:  Potassium & Sodium: Stearate, Chocoate, Tallowate, Ricinoleate, Indica Seed Butterate; Water, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Persia Gratissima Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Sodium Lactate, Glycerin

Shaving Oil Review

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soapThe shaving oil comes in a 1 oz plastic container with a flip top dispenser.  Pretty sturdy little container that works as it should.  The shave oil is called “An Affair” and has a specially formulated scent (which I will get back to in a moment).  I really can’t describe the scent profile very well, but here is my interpretation.  It is a subtle scent with a definite “sweet” note to it, but not candy sweet.  More of a mature sweetness…?  When I smell this scent I think of a warm scent similar to when you are having a good night with your significant other and you have your nose in the crook of her neck.  Anyway…

I liked it quite a bit and am still playing around with how much I want to use when adding it to my shave soap.

“An Affair” works well as a scent additive to your soap and can help you if you are looking for an Uber lather (Advanced Lathering Technique: Uberlather).  “An Affair” also works quite well as as a pre-shave oil as well.

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soapFor any of you who are interested, here are the ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Glycerin, Fragrance


Review Summary

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soapI like the soap and the shaving oil and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to someone who was looking for an unscented soap, a shave oil, or to mix things up and try a new way of doing things.  Great products and a reasonable price.

About the Black Tie Razor Company

As I mentioned above, the shaving oil is a specially formulated scent.  This is one of the main marketing drives that the Black Tie Razor Company is pursing.  The plan they have posted on their website is to release a new shave oil scent every quarter.  They are also offering a subscription service that will ship to you every quarter.

“When you become one of “Those Who Know”, we will ship you our scent of the quarter, a puck of our No. 13 Original Soap, and a supply of your favorite blades. We’ll ship every quarter to your door.”

This looks to be an interesting way to offer some variation to shavers and I look forward to seeing were Black Tie Razor Company goes. Check out thier website: http://blacktierazorcompany.com/

I hope this was of some help to my fellow wet shavers.  If you have tried out these products, please let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

Have a great day and a smooth shave!



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  1. Thanks for the nice review, glad you enjoyed our products! Based on your feedback concerning packaging, we are looking for ways to improve upon our current methods.

    • John,
      You guys have a good product and a really interesting take on the scent. The packaging is more nit-picking than anything else. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the future!


      • We’ve done a little experimenting and for our next run (might be a little while since we just stocked up) we plan to make our pucks slightly smaller diameter and shrink-wrap before placing in the jar (for easy in and out) for those who wish to transfer to mug or bowl. We know that a lot of people rotate soaps and the container provides storage for those. Of course we would prefer everyone just use our soap all the time and rotate our scented oils instead 🙂

        We also plan to offer a refill puck in shrink-wrap packaging for those who have no use for a jar (better for the environment too). Would love to hear feedback on both of these .


  2. Nice concept! Economical.

    Like Matt, I’m a puck smasher, but into my own ceramic bowl. Some people rub ’em on their face like a stick, and others hold it in hand like a bar. So I think we can safely say, there really is no way to improve on a round puck.

    I’m finding I need chelating agents in my soap, and low glycerin content. Do you think this oil would work with an old Williams that’s been airing out in a bowl?

    • Thad,

      I don’t see why the concept wouldn’t work with any type of soap, provided the soaps original scent doesn’t interfere. The scented oil might end up being a bigger seller than the soap itself.


    • I see no reason why our oil wouldn’t work with any soap. We love our scented oil as either a pre-shave or to uber-lather a puck but if you want to use our oil on a soap and not interfere with soaps original scent, we also offer an unscented version of the oil as well.

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