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Born and Raised on Wet Shaving

As a lifelong wet shaving enthusiast, I feel honored to write a guest post for Why I Wet Shave so I can tell you a bit more about my experiences and why I personally wet shave. For as long as I can remember, I always got a thrill out of watching my father shave with his vintage Böker straight razor. One of my earliest memories of my Dad is sitting there watching him scrape his face with this thing that looked to me like a deadly weapon.

My first real wet shaving experience came on my 14th birthday, when my Dad, upon deciding that my rapidly developing peach fuzz just wouldn’t do, bought me my first safety razor and set about teaching me how to use it. Yes, I did bleed that day, but it was well worth it for the experience. Even at 14 and with just a few stray, wispy hairs on my face, I suddenly felt like a real man from the second that sharp blade scraped against my skin.

Luckily for me, wet shaving runs in my family, as I’m sure that very few boys get to learn the art of wet shaving from the get go nowadays. You see, my father is something of a traditionalist. Not only did he insist that I learn how to shave with a safety razor instead of a cheap disposable or cartridge razor, but he also insisted that I go the full nine yards; using a traditional shaving soap and even a shaving scuttle to warm up the lather before brushing it on my face.

Let me tell you, from that first time the super soft badger brush touched my face loaded up with that warm shaving lather, I was hooked. In fact, I couldn’t wait for my facial hair to grow in fully so I could have that same experience every day.

While many men dread the thought of shaving, I personally still enjoy it. For me, wet shaving is something of a therapeutic experience, as it helps me to calm down and focus on my priorities for the day. I must also admit that a good wet shave is also sometimes nostalgic, as it reminds me of being a young teen, learning the ropes from my Pops.

Nowadays, my wet shaving experiences are sometimes limited to trimming up the lines of my beard as I’ve been sporting a beard for the past year or so. That being said, I am proud to admit that after 17+ years of shaving, I can count the number of times I’ve used a cartridge razor on both hands. Even in this modern, technologically advanced world we live in, there is a still a place for traditionalism and I am destined to be a wet shaver for life.

Although it may take a bit more time, I still use a safety razor, shaving soap and a badger brush even when just trimming up my cheeks and neckline. It’s still worth it for the added control and the closeness of the shave.

Like Matt and Dr. Mike, I long ago realized that the benefits of wet shaving far outweigh the convenience of a quick shave, which is why I’ve made it my mission to share my passion for wet shaving with the world just as they have. Call it the cockiness of a man in his early 30s, but before I came across this site, I thought I knew it all. I mean, I’d been following all the best forums since I was a teenager, but then I read Matt’s post about Uberlather and I realized there was always more to learn.

What I’m trying to say here is that it seems there are always tricks and tips that can improve the quality of your wet shave—whether that be upgrading to a better razor, wrapping a warm towel around your face before shaving or going all out and making Uberlather.

Still, no matter if you use a safety, straight or shavette, the best shave is a wet shave—even if you take the minimalist approach. Don’t believe the marketing hype that tells you a 3, 4 or 5 blade razor gives you a closer shave with less irritation, as more blades equals more pain.

My name is Kyle and I’m proud to stand up and say “I am a wet shaver!”

Why do I wet shave? Because it’s the only sane way to shave—just look at this infographic we created about the benefits of wet shaving and see for yourself.

Beginners Guide to Wet Shaving infographic whyiwetshave.com
















































































Based in Europe, Kyle Gardner is a senior writer at primandprep.com, an authoritative website on male grooming. In the past, he has written for many other publications within the style and male grooming industry. In addition to wet shaving and other male grooming topics, he also writes about green living, renewable energy, traveling and other super important things. Historically, Kyle has been a clean shaven man, but is currently sporting a well-kept beard. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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  2. I strongly think traditional way of shaving is still and remains the very best. wet shaving is makes shaving fun.lol

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