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5 black scuttles

Everything You Need to Know About Shaving Scuttles

Today’s post is a guest post by Russ Egan and goes over the venerable shaving scuttle.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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How to Build your First Straight Razor Kit

Getting started in the world of wet shaving can be intimidating for any beginner. There are various different pieces of equipment required of various quality along. Making sense of the world of razors requires some knowledge, but thankfully that information is readily available.

For a beginner there are some essentials that you should purchase straight up to help ease your way in – and there is equipment you will need in a few months that you do not need to purchase immediately.

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cleaning razor with toothbrush

Down & Dirty Razor Restoration

In today’s world of wet-shaving, there’s a tremendous value and quality in choosing to use a vintage made razor for your daily use. Companies like Gillette, Gem, Schick and many others produced extremely well made double edge and single edge razors for decades before today’s resurgence and popularity in traditional shaving methods.

However, safely using and restoring a 50+ year old razor can mean hours of research online and conflicting opinions and techniques. And more often than not, you’ll be left confused and unwilling to even take the plunge and try a classic shaver.

Worry not, restoring and using a vintage razor can be carried out with household products you may already have. In today’s article, we’ll break down the do’s and don’ts of razor restoration that will leave your prized shaver sparkling and ready for daily usage.

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prim and prep

Born and Raised on Wet Shaving

As a lifelong wet shaving enthusiast, I feel honored to write a guest post for Why I Wet Shave so I can tell you a bit more about my experiences and why I personally wet shave. For as long as I can remember, I always got a thrill out of watching my father shave with his vintage Böker straight razor. One of my earliest memories of my Dad is sitting there watching him scrape his face with this thing that looked to me like a deadly weapon.

My first real wet shaving experience came on my 14th birthday, when my Dad, upon deciding that my rapidly developing peach fuzz just wouldn’t do, bought me my first safety razor and set about teaching me how to use it. Yes, I did bleed that day, but it was well worth it for the experience. Even at 14 and with just a few stray, wispy hairs on my face, I suddenly felt like a real man from the second that sharp blade scraped against my skin.

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minimalist shaving

The minimalist approach to wet shaving

Getting a great shave with the least amount possible

Anyone who’s ever had a real wet shave will indubitably testify to its superior result compared to standard sloppy shaves done with cheap disposable razors or overpriced electric shavers.

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