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Mama Bear's Shaving Soap Review

Review of Mama Bear’s Shaving Soap – Morning Cup Scent

Susan from Mama Bear’s Soaps asked if I would do a review of one of her soaps.  Mama Bear’s Shaving Soap is one of the original “Artisan” shaving soap makers.  I hadn’t had a chance to try her wares and I wanted to learn more about glycerin soaps, so I was more than happy to help out!

Full disclosure – I was provided this soap free of charge in exchange for a review of the product.

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Soaptree Bodyworks Featured Image

Review of Soaptree Bodyworks Cedarwood Shaving Soap

A few weeks back I was approached by Jennifer Chaloux of Soaptree Bodyworks about doing a review of her new line of shave soap.  Jennifer is an established soaper who has expanded her product line and is now offering her first shaving soap.

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Baldwin men's moisturizing lotion: A Review

Baldwin men’s moisturizing lotion: A Review

Today’s product review is Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion.  Baldwin is a company that sells men’s care products that is based on the healing properties of Dead Sea minerals.  The lotion is marketed as helping your skin via Dead Sea minerals and natural oils.  This comes in a 3.4 fluid ounce tube and at the time of this article was selling for $26 on Amazon.com

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Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

Black Tie Razor Company: A new twist on scents in shaving soap

A few weeks back I was approached by John of Black Tie Razor Company about doing a review of thier new line of shave soap and shaving oil.  To be honest I hadn’t heard of them, so I did a little digging around and asked John what the company was about.  It turns out they are a brand new shaving company put together by a few wet shaving friends who wanted to try and make something better for the community.  Turns out they are off to a pretty good start!

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Sudsy Soapery featured image

Sudsy Soapery Shaving Product Review

Today’s product review is the shaving soap and shave oil offered by Sudsy Soapery. Sudsy Soapery is run by Jonathan and Kaycie Cook, a husband and wife team based out of St. Louis, MO.  They have developed a line of soaps and bath products that are all natural and only use essential oils for thier scents.  I had the opportunity to try thier Twice Mint Shave Oil, Sandalwood and Myrrh shave soap, and thier Lavender and Peppermint shave soap.

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Epsilon Cologne

Epsilon Cologne / After-Shave Balm Product Review

I was contacted a few weeks ago about reviewing an aftershave balm called Epsilon made by Blaviar.  This is an after-shave balm that is being cross marketed as a cologne as well due to it’s stronger scent.   I do not have very many post shave products (at least in comparison to my soaps and razors) and was curious to try something new.  I received this product for free from the manufacturer in exchange for my thoughts.

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Range Leather Kickstarter

Travellr Razor Case Review

I was contacted by Kyle Koster of Range Leather to see if I would be interested in reviewing a custom leather safety razor case that he is currently launching on Kickstarter.  Naturally I said YES 🙂  You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here:  Travellr – Travel Bag & Razor Case and store site at the link above.  At the time of this writing the Kickstarter had already reached its initial goal.

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The Clean Shave Co Razor

The Clean Shave Co: Razor and Brush Review

I few weeks back Joe from The Clean Shave Co reached out to me to get my opinion on the safety razor and badger hair brush that he offers.  Joe had only recently popped up on my radar and I was curious as to what kind of products he was offering.  I gladly accepted and offered to write up a short review of my experience.  To be honest, I had no idea what kind of product Joe was selling and decided to wait and see the products first hand without doing any research so I could form an unbiased opinion.  **Full Disclaimer:  I did not pay for this product, and received it in exchange for my opinion of the product.**

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A short time later I received a package from Joe.  The brush and razor arrived in one of those “book wrap” type packages and was well packed.  Upon opening everything was in great shape and there was no damage to the contents.  Upon opening the brush and razor boxes it became apparent that while the razor and brush are well made, they were targeted toward newer wet shavers who were willing to pay for a quality item, but didn’t want to blow the budget on a new hobby.  This was right up my alley as my blog is focused on people new to the hobby.  Lets get to the review!


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The Clean Shave (TCS) razor is a classic three piece safety razor designed to accept double edge safety razor blades.  The head is what would be considered a variant of the Edwin Jagger design.  This is a tried and true design that performs well for this razor.  The razor has a nice heft and weighs in at 106 grams (the handle weighs in at 70 grams ) on my kitchen scale.  The handle has a knurled pattern that helps with grip while not being overly aggressive.  Included was a 5 pack of the Gillette 7 O’clock DE blades.

I decided to use the included DE blades when trying out the razor.  I performed my first shave with the TCS razor with two days of beard growth to see how it could handle itself.  I performed a full three pass shave and I have to say that things went rather well.  I had one weeper from a pimple that got mowed down, but besides that everything went very well.  I performed my post shave ritual with my alum block and had no stinging sensation at all.  I used the TSC razor daily for the rest of the week and came to find it to be a nice and mild razor that shaves very well.


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The TCS brush is comprised of a black resin handle with a badger hair knot.  The brush weighs in at 70 grams.  I didn’t have anything handy to measure with, so I don’t have any dimensions for handle and loft height. The handle is solid and well finished with no casting lines or imperfections.  The knot itself is, according to the packaging, made of “best badger” grade badger hair.  “Best Badger” grade is a mid to low grade of badger hair found in low and mid price point brushes.  I was a little hesitant about the brush due to the hit or miss nature of lower end brushes but was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed.  Over the course of a week I found the brush performed well as a bowl latherer and had enough backbone to be a decent face lathering brush as well.  The badger hair is fairly soft, though I did experience a few mild pokes while face lathering, but nothing that would be considered a detriment at this price point.  I did not have any issues with badger hair falling out of the brush knot, though this could change with extended use.


In summary, the razor and brush are great beginners items.  These are well made and if someone didn’t buy anything else would serve them well for many years.  These are not for the experienced wet shaver looking to expand thier collection, but wouldn’t be a bad starter set for a friend or family member.  The razor and brush are being sold on the main vendor website  and on Amazon.com.


Have a great day and a smooth shave!


Through the Fire Fine Craft bourbon soaps

Through the Fire Fine Crafts: Devils Cut and Angel’s Share Shaving Soap Review

Patient(s):  “Devil’s Cut” & “Angel’s Share” & Shave soap – matching aftershave splash is available.

I had the pleasure of meeting the creators of these products at a recent razor meetup in Richmond, KY.  Maria and JD are knowledgeable and talented makers of soap/shaving products.  Great people indeed!

Doctor’s note:  At this time, I do not carry these products nor am I being compensated in any way.  Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium strives to maintain unbiased reviews of any and all products.

This review will focus on the Through the Fire Fine Crafts “Angel’s Share” shave soap and aftershave splash. The difference between being sandalwood vs. vanilla fragrance.

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Mod Cabin Review Shave Oil and Aftershave Balm

Dr. Mikes Mod Cabin Review: Glacier Shave Oil and Glacier Aftershave Balm

I was recently lucky enough to receive a few samples of shaving supplies from The Mod Cabin.  They are a men’s grooming supplier that is well know in the beard care world and were looking for some feedback on their expansion into the world of shaving products.   These samples were sent to the good Dr. Mike for review.

The Mod Cabin Review

Patient(s):  “Glacier Shave Oil” and “Glacier Aftershave Balm”

The Mod Cabin


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