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wet shaving mistakes

Common mistakes of new wet shavers

Due to some family issues I wasn’t able to complete my planned post today. Instead I looked into the blogging bag of tricks and came up with a list of common wet shaving mistakes .  These are all good points for newer wet shavers mixed in with some pet peeves, but shouldn’t be an epiphany for experienced wet shavers.

Five common wet shaving mistakes made by new wet shavers

Not correcting too-dry lather

A common issue for new wet shavers is that by the time they have finished shaving half of their face, the lather on the other half has dried out.  It is perfectly acceptable to re-wet your shaving brush and work the dry lather into a usable state again.  With time your technique for lathering and shaving will improve and this will no longer be a problem.

Treating your equipment like delicate china

Unless you are collector, in which case you shouldn’t be using these items, then don’t get overly worked up about using your brushes, razors, bowls, or mugs as the TOOLS they were intended to be.  Don’t be shy applying lather with your shaving brush, don’t worry if you scuff the finish on your new razor.  Treat your tools well, but they are a means to an end.

Ignoring hair growth patterns

One of the more important concepts of wet shaving is multiple pass reduction of hair follicles.  The best way to do this is to understand how YOUR hair grows.  Everybody is going to have slightly different growth patterns.  Take the time to map your beard growth (and use that information for a three pass shave) and you will see an immediate change in the quality of your shave.

Shaving over unlubricated skin

When you have completed a pass with your razor you remove all of the lubrication in that travel path.  No matter how poorly your previous pass may have gone, do not make the mistake of trying for another pass without applying more lubrication.  Make sure and apply more lather to the area thats needs more attention.  In a pinch, even splashing water on a spot that needs a quick touch up will work.

Not using post shave care products

Once your shave is complete make sure and take care of your skin.  Depending on your needs this can range from applying talcum powder, aftershave, lotion, or a variety of other products.  When your skin is healthy, it tends to be more forgiving of mistakes in other aspects of your shaving routine.


I hope this week finds you all happy and healthy.  If you have any tips that you feel should be passed on then please share them in the comments below.  Have a great day and a smooth shave!




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  1. Hey Matt – hope all is well with the family. I’m definitely guilty of #5 – but, I find I often don’t need anything unless my skin is dried out from the Canadian winter! Another mistake I’ve made is insisting on doing against the grain passes in troublesome areas like my throat. With my current gear, I simply can’t shave these areas ATG without cuts, but it took a long time to accept that!

    • Thanks Lewis I appreciate the sentiment. I still try for that third pass on my neck. I can only get away with it a few times a week, so I usually save it for a date night or a big day at work.

  2. Steve

    Right on the money with all these suggestions. Once I did beard mapping my shave was greatly successful. It truly made an enormous difference.

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