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Mod Cabin Review Shave Oil and Aftershave Balm

Dr. Mikes Mod Cabin Review: Glacier Shave Oil and Glacier Aftershave Balm

I was recently lucky enough to receive a few samples of shaving supplies from The Mod Cabin.  They are a men’s grooming supplier that is well know in the beard care world and were looking for some feedback on their expansion into the world of shaving products.   These samples were sent to the good Dr. Mike for review.

The Mod Cabin Review

Patient(s):  “Glacier Shave Oil” and “Glacier Aftershave Balm”

The Mod Cabin


Patient History:

Pre-shave oil

Mod Cabin Review Glacier Shave OilFrom site: http://themodcabin.com/product-category/shaving-oils/

“Skin nourishing botanicals create a slick, hydrating barrier between razor and skin for a smooth, irritation free shave. Our Glacier Shave Oil has a crisp, cooling scent, and preps your face for shaving by opening your pores, and softening your whiskers. Shave oil is a great replacement for those who would like to avoid the drying effects of soap, but it can also be used beneath shaving soap.”



Oil is almost clear – with a lighter viscosity.  The oil went on easily without feeling heavy.  Scent was light, similar to bergamot, eucalyptus/cedar – but very light.  Oil absorbed into beard and skin quickly, and did not intrude on the soap during lathering.  Throughout the shave, skin felt protected, but not overly slick.

Aftershave Balm

Mod Cabin Review Glacier Aftershave BalmFrom site: http://themodcabin.com/product-category/aftershaves/

“A little of this nutrient dense balm goes a long way to hydrate and soothe your skin after shaving. Glacier Aftershave Balm smells crisp and refreshing, and can be paired with Glacier Shave Oil for a superior shaving experience. To use pat face dry after shaving. Rub fingers across the balm in a circular motion then massage balm into face and neck.”


Color is off-white, to yellow undertones.  Scent is earthy, but has a very bright scent at first smell.  With a name like “Glacier,” you would expect menthol or some kind of coolness – but there is none noted.  No tingle on the skin.

This is a thick product – almost like hair pomade.  You do not need more than a slight amount to get full coverage after your shave.  All natural ingredients, your skin is left feeling nourished – but if you used a bit too much, it will feel coated.


Personally, I am not one to use a pre-shave oil product.  Usually shaves are done after a shower, but this may need further investigation.  The protective nature left me with no weepers or cuts.

The aftershave balm is very effective at giving your skin comfort after a shave.  The scent left almost immediately upon application.   The balm is very thick – very easy to over apply.  Organic shea butter as the main ingredient is great for skin (especially after straight razor shaving).  This balm is fine – the scent is lacking, and I would probably give it a different name to indicate what/how it really feeds the skin.  Also, maybe a dash of peppermint or menthol (BOTH!) would help give it a glacier-like tingle.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Mike


Dr Mike SP Cruise Shave Panel

Dr. Mike is a Steampunking international panelist teaching his “Noble Razor” shaving class at several conventions in the Southeast U.S. and aboard two Steampunk Cruises where he discussed the history of shaving, its purpose and benefits, and imparted his wisdom of key techniques in an informative and entertaining look into the world of wet shaving.

 An Atlanta, GA native, Dr. Mike is owner/operator of “Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium” – serving the Atlanta region with a hand selected offering of soaps, aftershaves, and general all round awesome traditional shaving tools.
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  1. Bruce Dunphy

    I live in an apartment where there is no ventilation in the bathroom–just an open window. I must wait a while after showering to shave, and I don’t like the drying effects that the soap (DR Harris Lavender Shaving soap) leaves on my skin. (This is not meant to be critical of the soap I use, but soap is soap. I might try the Italian soaps after this disk is gone.) I might give the oil a try.

    • Bruce,

      Shave oil seems to be a love / hate kind of thing. Some swear by it, some not so much. One of these days I am going to have to take a few weeks and devotee some time to trying a few methods and see what, if any, methods works for me. Let us know how your experiment goes.


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