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Everything You Need to Know About Shaving Scuttles

Today’s post is a guest post by Russ Egan and goes over the venerable shaving scuttle.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

For any wet shaving enthusiast having high quality gear is critical to getting the closest shave – a sharp straight razor, shaving brush, and premium shaving cream or soap.

Shaving scuttles are a great upgrade to any wet shaver’s setup. They add a sense of luxury by keeping your soap lather thick and warm, particularly during winter. Interest and popularity in scuttles has been increasing recently.

But first – what is a scuttle?


A scuttle is a double walled, ceramic bowl. It is used to fill the bottom vessel with hot water while building up a soapy lather in the upper bowl. This gets a luxurious lather with the heat and any inner grooves while keeping it nice and warm, ready for re-application for any subsequent passes.

Some scuttles can also have a wide enough opening so that your shaving brush can also be kept warm and wet with the water in the bottom.

A scuttle is primarily made from ceramic – with a standard size of 3.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. They can vary significantly based on the potter’s designs and style.

A more thorough setup could also contain a bowl to keep your brush wet, a scuttle for building and storing lather, and a third bowl for storing a soap buck and loading the brush.

Edwin Jagger shaving scuttle

Another, cheaper alternative is a shaving mug – which is virtually a coffee mug used to both store soap pucks and build and store a lather without getting your hands soapy. They are often made with a protruded handle for extra ease and are also known as apothecary mugs.

There are a huge variety of shaving mugs and scuttles available at many locations and are a great addition to any wet shaving collection.

pottery wheel

Adding a scuttle into your shaving routine is simple – but please use the following steps to get the most out of your scuttle:

  • Firstly fill both the inner and outer bowl with hot top water. Use the top bowl to fully soak and wet your shaving brush. Leave it for a few minutes until the shaving brush is fully saturated.
  • When the brush is fully wet, empty both bowls and refill the bottom bowl with hot water.
  • Remove any excess water from the top bowl and load up your shaving brush with your favorite soap or cream.
  • Build a thick lather in the top bowl and add extra any water if required.
  • Lather your face as per normal.
  • Shave your face with the grain for your first pass.
  • Re-lather and shave again for as many passes as required to get the desired shave.
  • Finally rinse your face, equipment and clean up.


At Cut Throat Club we offer hand made on a wheel, hand glazed, glossy black scuttles to improve your shaving experience overnight.

Russ Egan is the founder of Cut Throat Club, a startup who specializes in putting together high quality straight razor kits and wet shaving accessories to get the closest shave.


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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Every man wants a close and comfortable shave. To get a smooth save, use good Quality Shaving products. Sometimes they are made so that shaving soap or cream can also be kept warm for a more luxurious shave.

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