This is a listing of informational sources for researching various aspects of the wet shaving hobby.  This is by no means a complete list and is considered an ongoing work in progress.  Please use the Contact page to shoot me an email if you have something you think needs to be added.  I am putting links to each book to search in (probably your best bet to find them at a good price).


Safety Razor History and Dating:


Badger and Blade Forum:  Gillette Dating Chart   Great breakdown of dating of Gillette models.

Razor Emporiums Gillette Database:  Razor Archive     Huge database for all thing Gillette.  Schick Dating Chart  One of the only comprehensive Schick information sites around.

Mr.     A well documented collection of more safety razors then you can imagine.  Wardonia Razors Collector site     European site (Denmark?) written in english going over one mans collection.  Some nice content.     French site with a lot of beautiful pictures…. I feel there is a LOT of information here if you can translate.    Italian site featuring safety razor blades and paper packaging.

Wilkinson Razors    Features the history of Wilkinson Razors from safety razors, straight razors, and safety razor blades.








Straight Razor History and Dating:


Straight Razor Place: Straight Razor Database

Taylors 1000

United States Patent and Trademark Office

German Bladesmiths

-German Tool and Blade Makers

German Tool and Pocket Knife Makers  German Makers Marks

Trademarks on Base-Metal Tableware:  Late 18th century to circa 1900 (including marks on Britannia metal, iron, steel, copper alloys and silver-plated goods) by the Environment Canada Parks Service

Razorland:  A french site with a lot of great information regarding the history of french makers.  Sections on maker’s marks is nice

Wilkinson Razors    Features the history of Wilkinson Razors from safety razors, straight razors, and safety razor blades.



*NOTE*  Price guides are out of date as soon as they are published.  However they usually have other useful data such as names of makers and production companies, makers marks, and other useful trivia. *NOTE*




Razor Hones

Websites :  In depth discussion of Coticule one; methodologies, stone identification, and theory to practice.

Razor and Stone Forum:  Hone Databases; One of the better collections of hone reviews in one spot and THE best collection of barber hone reviews.

RazorLoveStone:    In depth examination and catalog of razor hones from around the world.  Great descriptions and photos.  Updated fairly regularly.

Olivia’s NaturSteine:  Beautiful photos of natural sharpening stones.  A Photo Gallery of Jnats, Mikawa Nagura, Tomo Nagura and Natural Whetstones




Mugs, Brushes, Barberania:


Shaving Brushes:



Shaving Soap:



Strops:  One mans extensive collection of all things that strop.  Great pics and searchable database.



Old Barbers Manuals and others:

Free PDF downloads of copyright free literature

The art of honing a razor. The art of shaving

The barbers’ manual.  A treatise on the art of barbering

Standardized Barbers’ Manual

Essay on barbers’ razors, razor hones, razor strops and razor honing .

Preparatory practice movements for the barber’s apprentice