I was contacted by Kyle Koster of Range Leather to see if I would be interested in reviewing a custom leather safety razor case that he is currently launching on Kickstarter.  Naturally I said YES 🙂  You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here:  Travellr – Travel Bag & Razor Case and store site at the link above.  At the time of this writing the Kickstarter had already reached its initial goal.

I went out of town for a long weekend and when I came back I found a nice little surprise in my mailbox.  The razor case is hand stitched leather, the closure flap flips down from the top, and is fastened with a metal stud that acts as a button by going through the flap.  All in all a well put together and visually appealing case.


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I test fit the case with a few razors I had on hand.  I tried a Gillette Fat Boy, a Lady Gillette, and the Blackland Blackbird. Using these three razors, you pretty much cover most length and width of razors available today.  They all fit perfectly fine in the case with no issues.


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There is not a lot else to say, as it’s a pretty straight forward product.  This is a nice product that I like and would not mind having in my travel case.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did not pay for this item and received it in exchange for my honest opinion.    The product reviewed will be donated to the Seattle Shave Convention for the 2016 meet up and raffle.

Sharpologist also has a review of the razor case as well, check it out here.

As always, have a great day and a smooth shave!