Wet Shaving Vendors

Well Known Vendors:

(USA based unless otherwise noted)

Straight Razor Designs:    www.straightrazordesigns.com

Maggards Razor:      www.maggradsrazors.com

West Coast Shaving:   www.westcoastshaving.com

Whipped Dog:    www.whippeddog.com

Lees Razors:     www.leesrazors.com

Small Flower: www.smallflower.com

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements:  www.phoenixartisanaccoutrements.com

Bullgoose Shaving: http://bullgooseshaving.com/

Shave Nation:  http://www.shavenation.com/

Razor Emporium:  http://www.razoremporium.com/

Dr. Mikes Shaving Emporium:  https://squareup.com/market/dr-mikes-shaving-emporium

StraightRazors.com:  http://straightrazors.com/


ClassicEdge.CA:  (Canada) www.classicedge.ca

Italian Barber (Canada) http://www.italianbarber.com/

Executive Shaving (Scotland):   www.executive-shaving.co.uk/

Gentleman’s Shop (UK):   www.gentlemans-shop.com/

Shaving Station(UK):  www.shavingstation.co.uk/

ShaveMac (Germany): www.shavemac.com

Ralf Aust (Germany): http://rasiermesser-manufaktur.de/

The Stray Whisker (Australia): http://thestraywhisker.com.au/

Cut Throat Club (Australia): www.CutThroatClub.com.au

Bay Rum Australia (Australia):  www.BayRumAustralia.com.au


Amazon:  www.Amazon.com – I know it’s not a shaving store, but it is a safe spot to find some of the more common shaving supplies.


*This page is a work in progress*

One of the most common questions asked by new shavers is where they can purchase items.  The shops listed above have demonstrated an excellent level of service to the wet shaving community and are have proven track records.  This list is not all inclusive, there are many other vendors offering quality merchandise.  Please let me know if there is a shop that you feel deserves to be on this list.