Why I Wet Shave...

and why you should too!


Wet Shaving Community Links


A listing of the current forums dedicated to wet shaving.  A great source of information.


English Speaking Forums

Straight Razor Place  – Oldest straight razor forum on the internet.  Excellent source of info for wet shaving ( particularly straight razor use, honing, and restoration).

Badger and Blade  – The largest wet shaving forum on the internet.   Touches on all aspects of wet shaving but particularly helpful with safety razors.  Many other mens grooming topics covered as well.

Razor & Stone  – Smaller wet shaving forum.  Great resource for hone information, honing help, and the authority when it comes to barber hones.

Shave My Face  –  Smaller forum with a dedicated following.  Very helpful folks.

The Shave Den  – Medium size wet shaving forum.  One of the nicest groups of people you will meet online.

The Shave Nook  – Medium size wet shaving forum.  Allows a lot more interaction with artisan producers of shaving supplies than most forums.

The Original Safety Too  – Smaller wet shave forum dedicated to Single Edge (SE) safety razors.

Damn Fine Shave  –  Newer wet shave forum.  Small but growing.

Paste and Cut – Australia and New Zealand shaving forum

The Shaving Room  – UK based wet shaving forum


Non – English Speaking Forums

Foroafeitado (Forum Shave) – Spanish based shaving forum

Afeitado Clasico – Spanish shaving forum

Afeitado Vintage – Spanish Shaving forum

Sin Corte – Spanish shave forum

Barbear Tradicional – Portuguese based shave forum

Barbear Classico – Portuguese based shave forum

Il Rasoio – Italian based shave forum

NassRasur – German based wet shave forum

Gut-Rasiert.de – German based shave forum

Coupe Chou Club – French based shaving forum

Le Retour Du Coupe Chou – French shaving forum

Barbershop.no – Norwegian shaving forum

Borotva Forum – Hungarian shaving forum

Brijacnica – Croatian? shaving forum

Savrseno Jrijanje – Bosnian shaving forum

Geltir – Turkish shaving forum

Mens-Only – Greek shaving forum




Facebook Groups:

New Facebook groups that deal with shaving pop monthly, if not weekly.  These are some of the ones that I enjoy.

Razor & Brush

Straight Razor Place Facebookers

The BIG Shave:

Wet Shave Review

Straight Razor Shaving

Shave the Man




A listing of a few of the more popular reddit wet shaving groups.

Reddit Wicked_edge

Reddit Shaving Science

Reddit Wet_Shavers




A listing of shaving blogs that feature topics such as reviews, how to, DIY, and SOTD pics

Shaving 101  – Great blog with reviews and down to earth explanations of the how and why of wet shaving.

Sharpologist One of the largest shaving/grooming blogs around.  Good content, but shorter articles.  Great product reviews.

Shave Like Grandad – Great double edge razor blog

Art of Manliness – Not just about shaving, but a great “Manly” site all around.

LeisureGuy  – Excellent source of shaving advice.  Leisureguy has written the go to book for wet shaving.

Bruce on Shaving – While it hasn’t been updated in awhile, some VERY good reading for old and new alike

Wet Shaving Journal – Shaving with a brush, soap, and a sharp blade

Canuck Shaver – Insights and opinions from a Canadian wet shaver

That Shave Life

The Science of Sharp – Putting sharpening theory to the test with an electron microscope.

Eastern Smooth – Shaving blog of Jim Rion.  Excellent guide on Japanese stones

Shave Straight and Safe – I’m just another wet shaver trying to help educate those who are currently using, considering or just want to learn more about the ever so famous, “Straight Razor Shave”


Ritual Shave

Steve Davidson – Welcome to my blog where I review a lot of shaving products based upon actual use.

Shaving Secrets 

Wet The Face

365 Shaves

Jayaruh Shaving – Finally shaving is fun again

Sorrell Shaves

Ape to Gentleman

Classic Shaving Academy

Be Shaved

Head Shaver.Org – So you want to shave your head? Information and advice on head-shaving, including a how-to guide, reviews of head-shaving products, and other handy tips.

Wet Shaver Review

Wet Shaving Podcasts


– iTunes feed here 

Moustache and Blade Podcast:  

– iTunes feed here

Cutting Edge Wet Shaving Podcast:

– iTunes feed here

Wet Shaving News:

– iTunes feed here

Wet Shaver Round Table  -Twitter with video and upvoting called Blab.be.


  1. May I suggest, ShavingScience, which is a new, science-ish focused shaving forum, which attempts to bring together the best, articles from all of the forums and blogs:



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